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Thank you for visiting The Shorland Site.  We hope you enjoy our website. Here is some information about the website that you may, or may not, find interesting.

Who Are We?

Clive Elliott: Editor (UK)

Patrick Keenan: Webmaster (USA)


To make this website the best it can be, we need YOUR assistance!  Your submissions of Shorland APC/APV information, photos, etc., are not only welcomed, but greatly encouraged.  If you would like to submit something for inclusion to the Shorland Site, please e-mail Clive at humber1ton "at" btinternet.com (replace "at" with @).   We will try to include all submissions sent to us.  


If you ever have any questions or comments please e-mail Clive (at the e-mail address above) or Patrick at webmaster "at" warwheels.net (replace "at" with @). We will try to answer all e-mail inquiries as soon as possible.


Clive Elliott - Editor

Patrick Keenan - Webmaster