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Shorland Mark 1

Armoured Patrol Car

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In October 1965 the Mark 1 Shorland Armoured Patrol Car was in production based on the 109 inch wheel base Series IIA Land Rover. It used a military chassis with heavy-duty axle and suspension.



The turret gun was a .30 inch Browning machine gun, and the vehicle had a single fuel tank carrying 14 gallons (64 litres). Optional extras included a second fuel tank, extractor fan and smoke dischargers.



Powered by a 2286 cc 4-cylinder petrol engine, it produced 77 bhp at 4,100 rpm. The armour is 7.25 mm thick with a Brinnel Hardness 363. The production figure for Mark 1 was about 100.



Shorland Mark 1. Note: no smoke dischargers, no extractor fan, and single fuel tank.


  All ex-UDR Shorlands in a yard in 1987. Mark 1 on the left surrounded by Mark 3 Shorlands.


Mark 1 Shorland bearing the civilian registration 9551 OZ was the first Shorland to enter RUC service on 30th March 1966.


Mark 1 Shorland in service with the RUC seen in 1969 with the civilian registration 1443 PZ.



Mark 1 Shorland bearing the civilian Belfast registration AOI 4051 allocated whilst in RUC service. This Shorland was one of the last batch Shorlands issued to the RUC in the period September to October 1969. Now in service with 3rd Battalion UDR (Ulster Defence Regiment) identified by the marking III on the nearside bumper. This is still on a civilian Belfast registration and only acquired the Army registration 27 BT 50 in July 1971. It can be seen below on patrol displaying its new registration.




Two Mark 1 Shorlands originally from the RUC now in service with the 3rd Battalion UDR. The leading Shorland was originally registered as AOI 4051 but now in Army service is registered as 27 BT 50. The second Shorland 27 BT 51 was originally registered in RUC service as AOI 4055. Army registrations with ‘BT’ were allocated when vehicles entered service when there was no formal wheeled vehicle contract. This was in situations where there was a transfer from another service or a direct purchase. The civilian registration ‘OI’ signifies the vehicles were registered in Belfast. Note the ‘angle iron’ struts welded to the turret to protect the gunners from decapitation by any wire strung across the road.



Mark 1 Shorland bearing the civilian registration 5147 PZ. It was withdrawn from RUC service and whilst in storage was damaged by fire, so much so that in was scrapped and did not pass into UDR service unlike their other ex-RUC Shorlands.

A turretless Mark 1 probably the first attempt at a personnel vehicle but had limited room and no ventilation. Normally the turret would have helped provide good ventilation.


A further development of a turretless Mark 1 now with an armoured extractor fan. The fan and cowl were of the same type fitted to the rear escape hatch.


As far as known this was just an experimental variant.  A water cannon was built on a Mk 1 Shorland. The water was fed via a hose from a trailer towed behind the Shorland. The trailer accommodated the water tank and pump. Unfortunately, I have never seen a picture of the trailer.



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