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Shorland Mark 2

Armoured Patrol Car

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The principle change was the increase in armour thickness from 7.25 mm to 8.25 mm. The 4-cylinder petrol engine of 2,286 cc was the same as in the Mark 1 giving 77 bhp at 4,100 rpm. By 1968 the Mark 2 was available and advertised with the option of the 6-cylinder 2,625 cc engine giving 84 bhp at 4,500 rpm; this engine initially had a compression ratio of 7:1.

However a later Mark 2 brochure indicates that the 6-cylinder engine option was available but on vehicles now designated Mk 3. The power was increased to 95 bhp at 4,500 rpm as a result of modifying the engine to a compression ratio of 7.8:1. The Mark 2 production figure was about 50.




Shorland Mark 2 as it appears on the sales brochure. This image is actually reversed, although the unmodified image was used on early brochures for the Mark 3.


Here is the same vehicle with the image the correct way round. The most obvious clue is the position of the Tannoy type speaker. I know that this is the correct orientation as the turret spotlight was only manufactured to fit on the vehicle's left side.



Here it comes again on the early Mark 3 brochure.



Mark 2 during perhaps the same promotional film shoot. Although right hand drive, the intended market was no doubt the Middle East given the sand colour paintwork and certain optional extras.

The optional extractor fan housed in an armoured cowl on the escape hatch.  

The optional second fuel tank giving an extended range of 320 miles.

Note the double supports for the turret rear flap, which became a single central support on the Mark 3 onwards.

Note the very dated Pye type VHF antenna base.