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Shorland Mark 4

Armoured Patrol Car

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Shorland Mark 4 APC Operator's Manual


The Mark 4 had identical weight and dimensions to the Mark 3. The big improvement was the fitting of a Rover V8 engine giving 91 bhp at 3500 rpm. This larger engine meant the radiator had to be moved forward which is the distinctive feature when identifying a Mark 4. Extractor fans and dual fuel tanks were fitted as standard. The Mark 4 went into production in 1980 with over 250 sold.


Mark 4 Shorland. The military style bumpers are not always on the Mark 4.

Shorland Mark 4 fitted with air conditioning equipment mounted on the bonnet. The provision of the large V8 engine means that Mark 4 vehicles have the radiator fitted much further forwards than earlier Marks. The door handles no longer protrude and are accommodated beneath the profile of the armour. The side lights are much larger now, these are often referred to as ‘bug eye’ type. They have a metal rim but a plastic lens of multiple diffusing lenses. They are a screw in replacement for the earlier glass type common to many British Army vehicles most notably on Land Rovers.
 Inside view showing the temperature controller mounted under the interior light.
Another Photo of a Mk 4 APC (Reg. 06 SP 54)