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1/35 Shorland Mark 3 APC Model of the Portuguese GNR Intervention Unit

 by Álvaro Lemos - Lisbon, Portugal

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The "GNR" (Guarda Nacional Republicana) intervention unit was equipped with Mark 3 Shorlands during the late 1970's and 1980's. Álvaro Lemos is a modeller from Lisbon, Portugal and has been a modeller for 30 years. He has been able to study in detail the only preserved example of this vehicle and is about to release a very impressive 1/35 full resin scale-model. In fact, he hopes to release it in November or December 2012.  Check out the video clips and photos below that show how his work is progressing,  For more information, you can contact Álvaro directly via email using alvarolem "at" gmail.com (replacing "at" with "@").