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Shorland Armoured Personnel Vehicle


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I know this prototype actually exists as it is in my garage! The books say that the prototype was made in 1973. But I have evidence of trials that took place in 1972 and the chassis was actually sent to Shorts in 1968. The vehicle was basically a Shorland with no turret, extended rear sides and with a thin steel roof. It was severely under powered with a 2286cc 4-cylinder petrol engine and it had no brake servo and lacked any ventilation. It carried the usual windscreen visors, but these were later removed and a standard Land Rover windscreen fitted. This was to make the vehicle less military in its appearance for customers such as police forces, and made vision easier when the vehicle ended its days at Shorts as a factory run-around.


The prototype’s first appearance with visors


Prototype in its final configuration




To see a collection of restoration photos of the Shorland APV Prototype (HOI 383) click the photo above.