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Shorland S 600

Armoured Personnel Vehicle

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Something of a departure from tradition here because the S600 Series is no longer based on a Land Rover but a Mercedes-Benz Unimog chassis. Shorts became part of Bombardier during the early production of this vehicle. Two main versions were available: S600 ISV was an Internal Security Vehicle with a crew of 12 and gave a gross vehicle weight of 7.5 or 9 tonnes. A militarised version was the S600 IMV, which was an Infantry Mobility Vehicle had a crew of 9 but with a gross vehicle mass of 12.5 tonnes.


However Shorts were to fade from the scene because the production of the series was taken over by British Aerospace Australia who continued to produce just the heavier version.  Although still produced in Australia, further corporate changes have meant that Tenix now produces the Shorland.  Eight main variants are available amongst which are the S600 Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) which now carries a 12 person infantry section, S600 Infantry Mobility Vehicle (IMV) with a crew of 9 and a Gross Vehicle Weight of 12.5 tonnes, and the S600 Police Internal Security Vehicle (PISV) carrying an 8 person riot squad and wide range of equipment.


An earlier version of the Shorland S600


S600 in a police role