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Shorland SB301

Armoured Personnel Vehicle

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When the Armoured Personnel Vehicle went on the market in 1974 it was designated SB301. ‘SB’ meaning Shorts Brothers, ‘3’ meaning it was of the Mark 3 family of Shorlands and ‘01’ was the model designation signifying an APV. Being based on a Mark 3 Shorland meant it had a 2625cc 6-cylinder petrol engine, which was much needed to carry a total crew of 8. Despite the number of crew there was no active ventilation, but fresh air could be let in through the 8 gun ports and the hatches in the front doors when in a non-hostile environment.



SB301 as it appears on the Shorts Brochure Cover



Shorts SB301 Armoured Personnel Vehicle

  Another Photo of a SB301 APV (Reg. 33 BT 00)


MOI 1007 was one of three SB301s supplied to the RUC in 1976. They were initially painted dark blue and were modified to RUC requirements. The most notable changes being the removal of the windscreen visors and the armoured flaps on the side doors. These areas were then protected with armoured glass.


SB 301 Cash Carrier


Shorts were always keen to adapt vehicles for the particular requirements of a customer. The SB 301 needed little work to make it into a security vehicle to carry cash or valuables.


The early lighting arrangement suggests this is a SB 301 rather than a SB 401.