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Shorland SB401

Armoured Personnel Vehicle

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Shorland SB401 APV User's Handbook


The SB401, being a Mark 4 Shorland, was fitted with a V8 engine. In order to accommodate this larger engine the radiator was moved forward, which is the key recognition feature for this model. The other main improvement was the addition an extractor fan in an armoured cowl mounted on the roof.  This must have improved crew comfort enormously compared with the SB301 which had little natural ventilation. Various arrangements of smoke dischargers and public address systems were available as extras as they had been for any other Shorland.


 Shorts SB401 Armoured Personnel Vehicle

Rear View showing optional vision blocks instead of the standard pistol ports

  A close up photo of the front end of a SB401 APV

Two of five Shorland SB401s supplied to the RUC in 1986. The Shorland on the right is how it was supplied by Shorts; the Shorland on the left is after it was customised to RUC requirement.